27 October 2010

I want a camera

Dear daddy,

can you buy me a camera as my pre-graduation gift? I want it for good purpose. To capture my remaining memories in ukm, not so much of the place but the people in it. I realise how moments past and never come back, leaving unclear image in your mind years after which u can't quite grab onto. I never wanted DSLR, i just want a simple camera, with 10 mp, 4x zoom and stabilizer probably for newbie like me =)

I heart these people, very much. And i wish i could at least kept some memories of them in form of pictures, or something u can look back after years as a topic in gatherings. I wish i can stop time but i couldn't. Maybe a camera can capture those precious moments for me.

So daddy, please.... I really want a camera *with the sweet little girl glimpse she tried to fake up*

your daughter

*oh, here are some pictures with people i love much. lovely people, aren't they?

My PERKEB family

The awesome debaters


The Brass Band


My Hang-out Gang

Funny, always blur gang

Understand me now, lovely faces but terrible picture quality =(

I want a camera, dad.


25 October 2010

The Apartment

A condo show room?

Pictures from some interior design magazine?


One of the best voted restaurant and bar in Malaysia

currently with one located at the Curve and another one at KLCC

looks awesome not?

awww... especially the bar, i always wanted that in my dream house

not until u see the food...

did i tell that they serve coffee too?

YES, they do!

i wanted to go...

like really, like badly

23 October 2010

Reading, Writing, Bestfriends

I almost forgot how much i love reading. It started since very young, that's how i got my 800+ degree eyesight by the way. I missed the joy of reading, how it let my imagination run wild, how it brings me to another world and how time just flies while i read. I can practically read whole day back then =) but now, with the new electronic era, movies and games seem to be more attractive than books. Not until i read again. I found the passion buried in me and the satisfaction i got through reading. I shall pick it up, if time allows.

Of how much i love reading, is how much i love writing as well. I used to write diary until one day my sister read it out in front of my family. Since then i wrote in computer but always delete it after. Its just a way of me expressing myself, it calms me every time i'm sad and it never fails to do so. Until, i blog at the age of 17. I realized its a good way of keeping track of myself, i always read back what i wrote, seeing how i progress and becoming what i am today, and with that i appreciate life more. One of my dream job when i was young, is to become a writer. Maybe i should write more, improve myself better and one day i might be one, who knows =)

While i wrote this, 2 of my best friends come into mind. They're the kind of friends u know u'll keep forever. I've been knowing them more than 10 years and i still love them much. Despite that we're all far apart and sometimes we didn't really contact much but we appreciate every moment together, even its only 2 hours a year. They're the kind of friends that you'll give them a call when they forgot your birthday, not to scold them, but worried of what might happen and u just want to hear from them, especially on your special day. I miss them lots =(

So if u happen to read this, i miss u, LO MANN SHIUAN & LOH EN CHIN!! Hope u girls have a great time at Sweden and England! *sigh* =S

22 October 2010

Sunset or Sunrise

Have been manage my blog for a year and a half. The same layout picture but i still love it after time. So make a guess, sunset or sunrise? both are nice to me but i never really watch sunrise, i wish i could but sunset for me is awesome, always. And of course, how could u go somewhere else when you've nice beaches in kk. I enjoy watching the sun goes down the horizon, indicating a day has passed and another new day is not long away, for being grateful that i'd live through a day and with believe that more exciting days to come, to in awe of god's creation and thank him for the wonderful things and people in life.

I read through some lines the other day. There's 2 kind of problems in life. One is the problem u can't solve , so why bother? One is the problem u can solve, so what's with the worry? And so like i always believe, god provides and everyday is worth looking forth to me. The other thing i love of other than the sea is the sky, the bright blue sky with sun shining through gives me energy. I don't really know why but i sort of dislike rainy days, all look so gloomy and sad to me. Sunny day gives me the mood to start a great day with passion, and it reminds me of outing, something happy, something u can look forward to. Like any public holidays with family =)

* just some thoughts before i'm busy with finals and abandon my lovely blog, again. All the best to my friends for their finals! till then =D

All about Awesome people

Thank god for the awesome people in life

How they make you smile by just thinking of them

How u feel like crying with the thought that u guys won't be able to stick around often real soon

How time is never enough with them

But still, i thank god for each and everyone of them

My life won't be complete and as fun as it is without them

May we continue to keep contact even we're on our own path someday

I already start missing them


14 October 2010

Thank God for friends

So gone all emos and days ahead are all exciting and worth looking forward to me. Thank God for the hope i can hold onto =)

And of course friends that have been faithfully around while i needed them =) here are some random cute and warm conversations we had:


Friend: Don't emo eh.
me: u read my blog?
Friend: ya. u still have me. anything just share to me so i have things to gossip =)
me: what?! *^&#%&$%##_&
Friend: haha... jaga jaga over there. Emo just find me. U know i'm kind enough to share your burden, u're lucky enough to have me as friend =)
me: ......................

*How funny this conversation may sounded, i know what he's trying to say is: hey friend, i'm here for u =) and that makes up my day.


Friend: u need a ride to pt?
me: yes. i would love to.
Friend: ok, u grab something to eat first, we'll go for supper after pt. i'll come at 7.30pm =)

*i almost cried after i read this text. i mean when i'm busy dwelling with my emo and not aware that i actually missed dinner and the bus to pt, there she is to offer and that means alot to me, like really =)

Text 1: How are you?
Text 2: i'll pray for you, everything will be alright.

*a friend that text me twice when i didn't get to reply, and his reply to my text is he's worried and he's not too far from me. I'm touched, and thanks, for all, u know who u are =)


me: i'm a terrible friend
Friend: no, u are a friend and u're great in it. cheer up girl =)

*and then its her, who i know she'll always listen and give advices and it never fails to keep me back with God. I can't imagine my life without her, that's how much u mean to me and how much i'm thankful for u in my life =)

and then there's more, little actions that light me up bit by bit and now i know i'm fully-fueled for the coming days.

of all food (cake, sushi, BR ice cream, brunch with unexpected people) and studies (done thesis demo presentation and it all went well), i know God is the one who provide and thank you Lord for every little things in my life.

*listening to Brian Littrell- In christ alone*

10 October 2010

My letter to God

I don't know myself anymore. Its scary, very. But i just can't figure out why this isabel here making such decisions with such thoughts and actions. I dislike the ME now, very much. The feeling that i'm the worst and terrible person in world makes my emotion go roller coaster. Even a simple Christian song makes me cry, like i'm a sinner who doesn't deserve God at all. What if even HE condemn me?

I don't think i can take these anymore, especially when there's no one i can share with, not that i don't have friends, but it is something i suppose to keep secret of. But i never kept any, not even my own deepest shit, now i'm struggling. The only thing that hold on to me is, if i were to tell, i'll hurt people around me, even more.

Or its all just me, being too self determined in certain boundaries and rules, like usual. Or its the thesis and assignments rush that makes all the sleepless nights and long computer time effect kicks in. Or its just one of the time where the weather changes and sickness came along with more drowsiness and blur symptoms. I wish i know.

Lord, help me through. It might not be a thing for some people and think i'm just getting too detail in little things like these but i know i'm not. But i know this is a challenge i must face, to change myself not to be too self secured in my own feelings and to try understand people around me. To not being judgmental in things i heard which might not be even true. To not being selfish and insensitive to people around me. To open up my heart and accept things i used to repulsive toward and last, to be a person more like u Lord.

Yours sincerely,

03 October 2010

Birthday of double twoooo... =)

So its birthday AGAIN, for the 22nd time, its still best with family and friends and other than a day to memory mum's greatness of bringing me to this world and appreciate dad's effort of raising me up till now, friends who celebrate with and wishes i got always make my birthday one of the best day yearly =)

For this year, i had a pre birthday celebration with dad and sis. We had crocodile feast (tasted like chicken to me but with a smell of seafood, to be more specific, fish. lol...) and we enjoyed it. Later, we shopped for my birthday present and i got myself a casio watch which i really like of =) of course, how can u miss out cake and coffee (only for coffee lover like me xp). Hence, we went to our favourite STARBUCK for a drink. But somehow i think my Crème Buelle frappuccino is too sweet. Still, time spent with family is always the best =)


My mini Birthday cake xp

My Awesome Daddy =)

Present ^^

Oh, not forget my friends. We went out to I-city for pictures and the scenery there is just awesome! The touching part, when 9 of them hold hands surrounding me while singing birthday song =) haha...its so embarrassing when people were staring at us but who cares when you've such cute friends. lol... million thanks to my coursemates and im really touched.

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

*special credit to mr anthony's DSL. beautiful pictures aren't they? =)

And then there's Maggie and Marie who stay up till 2am just to pass me a cake they bought (its the same day i went out to I-city). Beatrice wanted to join too but she slept. I understand her as she's an early sleeper =) but still, thanks girl, can't imagine how awesome u girls are that i just love u more by days. thanks *hugs*

Happened that my birthday is on thursday, PERKEB day. After everything ended, buddy came up and lead everyone to sing birthday song and suddenly, lights off and there's jeremy with 22 cupcakes and candles and more skittles and m&m chocolates around it. Thanks for the effort buddy and im really thankful for you in my life =)

take 1

take 2

*pictured by joanna, thanks ya direct jr =)

And so ended my birthday celebrations, joy said she'll bring me out for re-celebration. Lets see how that goes =)

Birthday is only best with friends and family and i thank god for each and everyone of them, who are all awesome people and they just make me smile at moody days =D