04 July 2010

him =)

we used to do nothing but just talk in car for hours, with sea breeze in smell and sound of ocean waves patting on rocks in ears

We used to ride on bike with me hold tight over his waist and he patting on my head while i'm sharing my sad moments

We used to watch starry night at the port and me refused to lie on the ground like he does

We used to have romantic dinner with violinist playing and decorated surrounding of roses and pink heart shape balloons

We used to drive around the night streets of kk for no reason with my hand on the gear lever and his on top of mine

We used to argue, mostly about my doubt of his love and he answered:" Never have doubts, you're not me and i know myself well, that i like you. If this is not love, I had never liked a girl."

All these moments where i thought i had forgotten but now, they are still clear in my mind and replay at nights where i could not fall asleep. It has been a year and he has move on, so should i. wish him all the best =)

The Sleepy Post...

I am sleepy, 4 hours after i woke up from my long 12 hours sleep at 12 noon. Its so sleepy that i need to focus all my strength to not having my eye lids close at the next second. Haven't been sick for quite a long time, still getting use with my dripping nose, humming ears and drained-always -thirsty-throat. Knowing sleeping too much wasn't good, i decide to blog. But yet thoughts just stuck in mind and couldn't be spilled.

So just some random, non making sense thoughts of mine. 1st, my sis finally entered university =D i'm so so proud of her, have the feeling like any mom has, like their baby daughter is going for another level in life but of course she's my little sis, the one that i had been anticipating in her life for 20 years, hope that she will continue to be happy and achieve what she wants in life =)

2nd, i'm still single and people around me keep on nudging me to get one, like usual. But still, i think i'm not up for one now. I've too many stuff on, family, university clubs, study and my own self-discovery on what i should do after i graduate. But deep inside, i might have this little hope of getting someone who is able to be there for me whenever i need, yet not big enough for my sensible brain to put that as one of my priorities.

3rd, i'm kinda excited for new juniors to come in. I can't really understand why i have this feeling now but the thing that i'm officially the most highest status senior make me thrill. But of course, i'm still a good senior, no thoughts of bully juniors at all. Just the sense of seniority makes me proud and of course exclude the part i'm elder xp

So, another random post, totally different from what i thought a year waiting post should be but i'm not in the mood for the revealing truth why i have stopped blogging for such a long time. Maybe next post =) till then....