16 June 2009


How is it feels like when your love ones struggled and suffered and yet nothing can be done to help?

its so painful that u felt like crying but tears just couldn't seems to roll down because you know you'll will make the one feel more miserable

trying to tell jokes to make the one feel better but yet it feels like someone was using a knife stabbing into your heart with yourself holding your breath, worrying you'll burst out in tears in the next second

its so helpless that you start to thinking of running away and yet you can't even move a step

sometimes i wonder, why its me and why its her?

but i know god let things happen for a reason

i never ask god for more but for this first and only time, i wish god will take away all the pain and sickness from her...

and i have no other way but to believe in "him" as he's the way, the truth and the life

in jesus name i pray, Amen

*anyone who read this and know what happened, please pray for us