22 April 2012

Start again

I've done the first

I'll make sure I don't do the second

Start again Isabel

Start again =)

07 April 2012

Breathe again

Juwita Suwito - Breathe again

Have you wondered how it feels when it's all over
Wondered how it feels when you just have to start anew
Never knowing where you're going
When you face a brand new day
It used to be that way
Now I just close my eyes and say

I just want to breathe again
Learn to face the joy and pain
Discover how to laugh a little , cry a little
Live a little more
I just wanna face the day
Forget about the woes of yesterday
Maybe if I hope a little Try a little more
I'll breathe again

Starting out again is never easy
Disappointments come and go but life still moves on
With a bit of luck It's a brand new start
That might just work my way
No need to walk away
Don't want to live on life replay

Things will work out fine
If you can find the courage to look past the night
To see the break of dawn

03 January 2012

Its a NEW year =)

Its officially 2012 2 days and an hour ago and it'll be a NEW year for me, not ordinary new year but a year where I'll be finally working permanently and its literally my first job ever. It is not just any ordinary job but such a huge responsibility for a first job to be. I'll be teaching in a private secondary school as a science teacher. It is not going to be easy. From the teacher tutorial classes i had for the past days, I, who have never teach nor ever had any education lessons before is expected to not just teach them knowledge but at the same time, be the students mentor, counsellor and life direction guider. The new teachers also reminded that the students are fragile (so you can't yell at them or scold them with harsh words), and that they're constantly seeking for attention (the reason being they've little attention from their busy working parents) and they have very very protective parents (make sure you always do the right thing so even if the parents come unreasonable, you can still stand on your ground). So my new year resolution is gonna be simple:

To rely on God's strength on everything I do in my life in accordance to his plan for me and to learn how to be in another person's shoes so that I can be compassion, with love, care and patience when it comes in building relationships with other people.

The idea to think on the other person's behalf came in years ago (constantly being reminded by friends around me) but I ignored them. For example, when there's this person who is cynical about life, I'll judge him/her quickly without much thought about it. The reason being I, myself had experienced a lot since my mum passed away 2.5 years ago and I learnt a lot about life itself and I just don't quite understand how could someone not appreciate life as it is. In 2 more days, I'll be facing students from different backgrounds and I knew having this thought with me will not help me and my students. Everyone will come to such realization about life but perhaps its not their time yet. Its a new year and this change is necessary. I just hope that I've enough love, care and patience to bring me through this year of teaching while I am at the same time learning how to teach effectively, how to build up relationships with all kinds of students and parents, and how to work with other teachers. It can only be done with God by my side. A new year brings new hope as a closure to the year before where the past is past. Happy new year to all my friends!

This is funny. Just sharing =)