10 January 2011

Foreseen to be an awesome week

Just back from prayer walk and i enjoyed it. Sometimes its so amaze that how God works, like how it rained heavily at 3 something while it stopped during our prayer walk session between 4.30-6pm and later rains again at 6 something where we're safe and sound, enjoying our dinner at KDO cafe and later stops again while we're out to wait for bus. The cooling weather is great for some walk, to burn off calories from yesterday heavy meals. Oh, we had Yuen Buffet Steamboat for dinner at Subang Jaya. Regardless of the going around, lost, finding a way out from some place we can't even name of. All is good. I enjoyed our committee fellowship. For snacks, there's Japanese Matcha ice cream, Cupcake Chic and Haagen Dazs for the birthday girl (GEORGIE) and Ninja Joe's PORK BURGER ( and its super SEDAP wer with the juicy home made patty!!) lol...

Pictures i got from internet

The Big Boss *slurps*

And i always believe God put the hard times in my life to taught me lessons of patient, faith and love. Things were much more better after i surrendered all in His hands. Its only the first day of the week and i'm already excited of what's coming, and i know and i believe it'll be a great week ahead! Love you God =D

07 January 2011

Trust ME

"Trust me, for I am your Lord."

Its only four days and it felt like a long week to me. A lot of things happened, i was suppose to get the proposal for PERKEB meetings done by this week but by Wednesday, I was informed that no one will be signing any approval for proposal for these 2 weeks as things were messed up between PPP and JPPEL. It struck me real hard and i was very disappointed. But still i made an effort to go through other authorities to see what i can do to at least get a temporary place for meeting (without meeting approval, we're not suppose to get any place) but Adeilyn managed to get a room at FSSK (thank God).

But of course, problem does not stops there. We still need to get through the proposal for the other meetings in the whole semester. So, the JPPEL staff advices that i shall get another proposal and hand in to JPPEL. And so that's what i did, and God sent an angel to speak to me =)

Prof. Wan is our PERKEB advisor and i met him to get his signature for the new proposal. He told me he has a tight schedule for that day but yet he spent 45 minutes sharing to me about his experience with God, encourage me with God's word and welcome me to see him if i need someone to talk to. And i pretty sure that i did not say anything about my bad day but yet everything he shared hit me so much that i almost tear.

One of the story about one of the semester back when he still studies in UKM. The proposal was approved but with condition that they're not allow to worship during meetings. But they never give up, instead used the worship session for prayers. At the end of the semester, they had MK and surprisingly 3000+ people showed up. He said:


And only then i realised how little faith i have in God. How can i let my doubts take over me without I notice it? I guess things happened in life planted this super low confident in me which i almost have no expectation in things in life. Like how i never really desperately ask for something and the one thing i ever asked (for mum) is not answered. I always thought i'm fine with God, until now. Thank you Lord for never fails asking me to come back to you, things in life and people around me to constantly remind me about your great love and mightiness and the most important thing is, you never give up on me. I'm just too stupid sometimes to realise how lucky and honour i am to even know you, How i'm blessed beyond measures to even be counted or jotted down of. And i know you chose me for your ministry for a reason, a plan. I now, lay in front of you my obedient and faithfulness. Lord, use me for the glory of your kingdom. Strengthen me in times i'm weak. My life is yours, my Lord. Amen.

04 January 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

I realised i'm so lost most of the time, and i found the problem is with me, not keeping close with God. I always wonder how u balance things between making up decisions and ask for what you really wanted, or just let Him make the decision for you (i always thought that means do nothing at all) which always get me confused and in dilemma.

Stepping in a new year, I'm going to be 23 by September. The year i'm going to graduate and find a job, the year i'm struggling with changes in family members, the year I'm rushing for datelines all the time for internship application and thesis, the year i'm to experience God more than any other years and i want to get closer with Him through all these.

YET, I realised i never spend enough time with Him. It kind of strikes me when one day, my group member in NC called. So i asked him about his student exchange program to USA which he's been talking about during NC. He said he's rejected at the last minute after he got all his visa and forms done. I felt sorry about him though but later he shared about his family where they came to God and experienced Him. And the worst part, he asked me:


i remember i said something like i'm working on my CF's "Bulan Kasih". But only God knows i spent my holidays after NC doing NOTHING. I mean of what i've promised God to do in NC never came into action. I was ashamed, and i can felt God's disappointment on me. So i came up with my new year resolution (for the very 1st time, i know i'm totally useless =S).

  1. Do devotion and bible reading daily.
  2. Fast and Pray. for real this time.
  3. Go doa keliling and persekutuan doa every week.
  4. Be friends with other races, i mean real friends and not hi and bye friends. But at least i'm proud to say i have one. Danial it is =)
  5. keep in touch with my long lost friends. (i realised i never really make an effort to sms friends during their birthdays and occasions, i always find excuse that i'm not a cellphone person and i don't do sms often, which is true but that's not compromisable, not when it comes with friends!)
  6. Still, sms my current friends more often, not just whenever i need help from them (said miss Chrislynn Ng, which is so so true. *sigh* )
  7. Try all my best in my academic studies and I WANT TO GRADUATE AND FIND A STABLE AND PERMANENT JOB!
  8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, ie go jogging and swimming.
  9. Get my family members together, with wisdom (God, help me with that.. )

That's all for new year resolution. This is a reminder and friends who read this, if you happen to see me slacking in future, remind me about this post i once wrote and very "semangat" about it. I hope everyone has their new year resolution done by now and stick to it, my friends! =)

03 January 2011

Belated New Year Post =)

So i promised Chrislynn to blog about our cooking process for new year dinner. Here it is, even it's a little late. Foreseen the big crowd going out on 1st Jan with traffic jam and all, we decided to fully use our holiday on 31st December for simple shopping, dinner and movie at the most not crowded place we know of - Cheras Selatan, Balakong, or so we thought. Thanks for Malaysia football team who won the Suzuki Cup, we had an extra holiday on 31st December.

So the outing group consists of the SINGLE ladies, which are Chrislynn, Ying, Wen and Me! Here are some pictures of us at a-i-don't-know-the-name Japanese restaurant. The food is slightly pricey but its worth it for the nice ambient. Overall the food is ok. After the early dinner at 5pm, we went around shopping and everyone bought something except Ying. Wen is the big buyer of the day where she bought a travel luggage bag for quite a deal. We also went for a movie - Gulliver's Travel (3D). My first 3D movie. I heard some people suffer side effects from it such as dizziness n ect but luckily none of us got any of it. It's one of the best comedy i watched through out the year and the visual effect is awesome. After movie, we went to a hawker center right behind the mall for supper and we watched Shakira shaking her "butt" amazingly on some China live new year count down concert on the big screen. Its a simple but nice day =)

Ying and Chrislynn

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Kimchi Don

ss picture xp

Wen with make up!!

Ice blended matcha with red bean

Fried dumplings

Chicken Terikatsu Don

The next day, we decided to not have any outings but instead, we planned to cook ourselves spaghetti as dinner which we've always talked about since chek and others move out. Hence, we spent luxurious sleep till late noon, and later moved our way to the nearby Econsave for ingredients. Around 5pm, we started with our preparation. Let the pictures tell the story.

Spaghetti: Boiled it and later on apply some margarine

some cutting by Chrislynn and Wen

San Remo can sauce, cooked with minced chicken breast meat,
fresh tomatoes,mushrooms, and hotdogs

coleslaw: cabbage, carrot and mayonise sauce

Special dish of the day: mash potatoes (by me)

First, u boiled the potato, mashed it and mix with a little pepper, salt, milk and margarine
Next, make bowl shape containers out of aluminium foil paper
Stuff the mixed mash potatoes in the bowls
Lastly, put a layer of cheese on top of the mash potatoes, shown as picture above

We're suppose to bake the potatoes for 3 minutes for the cheese on top to melt but we do not have an oven with us, so instead we used a wok!

tadaa! that's how it looks like when its done. Looks awesome, right? right? =)
and trust me, it taste superbly nice too!!

A meal by our own, consider a great success.
We shall try more cookings soon!

We played monopoly after dinner. We called it a day after a round of monopoly since we're tired from the previous day of shopping. Oh, and Chrislynn reminded me that we actually spent 3 years of new year together. The first one at Seremban, not knowing that it's the Agong's death and most of the shops are closed, we ended up counting down at A&W with waffles and curly fries. The second one at Chek's house with steamboat and games, and i even mimic Michael Jackson's dance move for one of the games punishment. The third is the one just passed. I'm happy that its her which i spent my recent new years with and i'm more than lucky to have her. Gosh, i'll really miss her after we graduate =S

Some updates about me: I got a new cellphone. Let me present to you, Nokia C-6-01!!!

I loved my new phone, still loving it now. Have been discovering new things about it since i bought it 3 weeks ago. I hope this one will last long. My semester started 2 weeks ago and still adapting to university life after a month of laid back at hometown. I've more to share about, but maybe next post. till then! xoxo