17 December 2010


Can't remember how i really spent my previous Christmas, but i think it should be routine activities like: going church, some presents and a good meal with family. This year, things are a little different, some people left my life and some unexpected ones come in. Sometimes i wonder how unpredictable is my God. Surprised by his arrangements, and shocked by his sudden tests. I know where i can go to whenever i need a solution, comfort and hope to hold on. But i still hate these moments, where you're lost, wonder which is your next path, ponder about what is life, having doubts about His will in your life, keep praying for an answer but is not answered by. I know i'll get through this, like any others, but i'm always a person comfort with current situation and i dislike changes or transitions, as much as i dislike maths or bitter gourds. It gets me frustrated and depressed, like now. Oh God, i pray for peace in my heart, and as things turn out to be not as i expected, i'll still hold onto you, Lord. Amen.

So skip the emo part if you want to, here are a few things i have done during my holidays:

  • National Conference [29th Nov- 4th Dec]
- A very fruitful one. I would say its like an alarm clock, reminded me things i have forgotten, like how should i live out my life as a Christian, approaching our major neighbors, fight racism, walk HIS way and Go for gold.

  • Caroling, Christmas event, and more Christmas events in church...

  • Bought presents and wrapped presents (like 20 of them! lol...)

  • Learned about patient and to not just stir things up at the mean while. God says wait =)

  • still not done anything academic yet... =(

Despite all, i still glad that i'm back, get to meet my cousin sister- Phoebe and my cool aunt!

* p.s: Stay tune for more on post Christmas 2 xp

12 December 2010


I love her

I really do

so much that i couldn't bare anything bad happen to her

I know i'm being over protective

But how can i not when mum asked me to take good care of her when she left

I won't compromise

Even if i have to take up the responsibility to raise her up

Even i'll have to give up everything else for that

My plan for master studies

My choice of place to work

I'll still keep my promise


Please, always be good and healthy

Do know that I love you always

10 December 2010


I always thought whatever problem happened, u just have to talk it out and things will be good. Until this one. I've been ignoring it for quite some time, still in ignorant status now. I tried the talking part and it did not work out as i expect. And ignorance seems to be the best solution for now. Its like the toughest mathematic question in world and you can't do anything to solve it, hence u just left it there. I wish i could do something but no, praying is the only thing i can do right now. I hate this helpless feeling. Its the same kind of feelings i had when my mum was diagnosis with cancer. How i wish she's still here. God, i commit all in your eagle wings', that u'll get us through this like every other time u did. In Jesus name i pray, Amen.

07 December 2010


In real Life

real world

Life is never easy

but i had promise that i'll let u take control of my life, oh Lord

I commit all into your hands, Jesus