02 November 2010

2# C

Today is a break day for me, i wanted to just watch movie and get wasted whole day but i can't, with all the thoughts running in mind and a strong urge to keep writing, about friends, about love. So here's the rare, 2 posts in a day situation and maybe more =)

C is one important friend, one i will never graduate without. She always say she's my personal assistant, morning call me, remind me of important dates and events, even stay up 24hr whenever i need her, but of course she's one who believes sleep is a luxury and sin. The one of a kind i'll ever meet in life. Always so goal-oriented with full determination and passion =)

When i first getting close to her, i thought i lost my best friend in life, i'm sad and lost. She's there being all bubbly and energetic, like always. We went to Seremban for new year eve, one crazy thing i've ever did, pleading to my parents an hour for permission. And that night, we both lying on bed, sharing about our moments. I remember i've tears in my eyes, and i adore her, being so independent and tough. Since that day, we're another half for each other, my twin.

We talk alot and argue much too, about life philosophy, politics, studies, people and more. And i'm glad that i found someone to talk about serious matters like these and not worry that you'll offend any of them, and i know we'll still be friends even we fight. I can tell her straight on face that she disappoint me and i need a day break from her and i still love her no matter what. She's the first ever i felt like a sister near to heart, worry about her life direction which i think i might have gone over board. But i just can't help worry, like when i first knew that my younger sister had a bf and worries storm out just like that.

But i should have know that she's different, and she'll be good with her self determination and never drain off energy. I wish her all the best and will always love her despite all =) Words will never express how much i thankful for you in my life but i really do thankful, very much.

* I can't imagine how i'm gonna ever stay away from these people who's so near to my heart. tears rolling down for the thought that we'll be apart some day T.T love u sista! *hugs*

1# B

This is a post for a very important friend of mine. I was thinking of writing posts about these interesting people i met in university. And on my graduation day, i'll handwrite these in a handmade card and give to each and everyone of them, along with a big warm hug =)

So here you are, the first, dear. Is it because of your birthday? err... maybe. Or the reason that i want to do it in alphabetical order and your name starts with B? haha... You're always in my top list, really. So here it starts.

Being one blur, warm, encouraging and always helpful friend. I'm more than grateful to know you. Its like fate that we met, both Christian, same college, faculty and we both joined debate. When i first speak to her, i know we'll make best friends and we are now. We don't contact each other much, but when we did meet up, we talked for hours and time is so short and there's so much to share. And i always wonder why is it so comfortable for me to share with her. As easy like we've knowing each other for life time, knowing that she'll listens and accepts me for all. The best is she always gives helpful advices that encourage me whenever i'm down, nourishes my soul with God's word and very warming, like a sister to me =)

There's too much to tell about her and one thing we have in common which i really grateful of, the same blurness. Every time i do stupid stuff, i'll think of her and that makes me feel better, like: nah, its ok, b might do more than this xp ops... haha... and her blur stories can make up a 100 page novel by now and its less than 3 years since i know her =)

Happy birthday B. I always believe you're a gift from God. Hope you'll continue to be a blessing to all, like u always are. May more blissful days in years coming and that u'll continue to grow in the experience of God along your life journey. I'll always love you =D

*p.s: i try to find for more pictures but its so so limited =( we shall take lotsa picture before we both graduate! XOXO