25 April 2011

A Note

I always not know what i want, or perhaps i never really wanted anything

Life is always helpless, i know it when i was first informed that mum got cancer

I try hard to not cry in front of people, but i'm a sensitive person deep down

Keeping secrets are very hard for me, that's why i gave up my dream of being a psychologist

Eating makes me happy, only come second after sleeping

You never know what will happen in life, and things are never absolute

Sometimes you just have to risk it, and being positive with all things

keep going on, with hope, with faith, with God and i believe i'll make changes to life, and people around me

13 April 2011

On THE Highway =)

Life has been pretty good to me. Everything is on track, VIVA ended well, thesis in final edit before i got to finally put it into a book, i got my internship at KK International Airport and i got to take my German proficiency test which was 1st scheduled on 15th May but later changed to a more convenient date to me. And i believe all in all, its GOD who make all of these working on track. I couldn't ask for more in life and i could never thank enough for all of it.

Just a little fear about the future, but at the same very excited about what's coming too. I know its time for me to go on my Highway, a new phase in life, more experience with HIM and i believe i'll just have to live up every moment with no regrets. BUT, i'll miss my friends, i really do. yet, i know this has to happen, for the transition in life. And i'll keep the good memories with me whenever i go. For everyone of them are important to me, they changes me and make me who am i now. All the best my friends. We shall see again, someday =)