19 August 2009

Me and My recent LIFE =)

Finally Faculty night is over and with that officially ends all my activities other than academic study =) * super happy mood which im still blogging at 3am in the morning* anyway, just some add-ons, everyone seems to enjoy fac night so a big clap to the committees *clap...clap...clap...* and its really nice to work out with u guys =)

But that doesn't mean im free now, have to catch up with classes i've missed out, mid sems, lab reports, assignments/projects and also time to spend with friends ^^

Just a list of what i've done this half semester:
1) train debate juniors
2) being DCA (deputy chief adjudicator) for Vice-Canselor inter-college debate competition
3) 1 of the adjudicator for VC cup final
4) perform for New Tune Introduction Night
5) Organise Faculty night and also MC of the night

and again, i put myself in another mess...the same old history repeats like last sem, i put myself into this hectic life and hence the consequences to bare.....

(ok, i didn't meant to say bad words but it just a kind of release of depression, do bare with me since i can't find another words that suits more...*in blurry mind state*)

hopefully i still can cover back the marks with final...*worrying*
(*praying that final questions will not be tough*)

ok, just some words to pour out and now i should back to my work (with 4 reports, 1 assignment, 2 projects to hand up in this week)


.....*continue my "lab-reporting"*......

03 August 2009

The forgottenS...

People grown up everyday and they'll then tend of forget things they've learned and which is actually applicable in nowadays life.

Make an example: kids love sweets and everytime they get one, they'll be happy for the whole day and yet grown ups never satisfied for what they have. someone who had iphone will wanted a Blackberry, someone who had Honda will wanted Ferrari and hence life always seems to be imperfect as the standard of being perfect is always set higher and higher.

2) Aggresive
Example 2: Kids were actually more aggresive. i always remember i cried alot until i get what i want (a toy or chocolates). but when i grow up, i always concern about how people look at me and hence i hesitate in making decisions. As result, things never been done and when i looked back, i realise i missed out alot of fun and chances/oppurtunity that i never grab onto.

3)Being Real
Example 3: kids laugh alot and they cried alot too. They always show out their true expression which grown ups don't. They're being hiprocrit which they blame it to people around them and claim that its the only way to survive in the society. and i wonder, aren't any of these are inform choices? We're humans and we control our own emotions don't we?

Sometimes i get confuse with life, how i wish im still the little kid i used to be, naive and always optimistic with life but yet things changed and i wonder should i change myself to suit the so called "society life" or should i just remain who i am and yet satisfied with life?