09 September 2010

Its holiday! =)

So its holiday =) but i am not allow to slack, with 4 mid sems right after raya break, one assignment and thesis proposal to rush on. But still... haha... just merely saying is always easier than action. HAHA... so i enjoyed my past few days of pre-holidays ( lecturers canceled classes, yeapie!)

  • Sing k with my fellow coursemates and we break our record of 4 hours (might not sound much but yes for rational physic students like us xp)
  • debaters outing to midvalley for bowling and movie "cats and dogs". movie so so but the bowling session is awesome, with kevin and beatrice playing darryl's new boardgame aside (that's just so ukmdebaters la...)
  • cheras pasar malam and dominoes with debaters and the durian lolo is just superb!
  • Sleepover with my single coolest blur gang (SCB) which consist of beatrice, maggie and me and we had fun with our late night chats =)
So with these, hopefully i can keep myself motivate till the day my loaded works can be done. Happy Hari Raya everyone! =D

04 September 2010

Rainbow after the rain =)

After a few days of emo and stress, all is good again

Friday lunch with joy and zhao lin is just nice, chatting about random stuffs and thoughts/ testimonials were shared

Friday night out with debaters is awesome, and i really love the emo pour out session at ichiban ramen and of course a funny movie is just perfect

Saturday lunch with coursemates which i thought its just me and chrislynn at first at pusanika, like usual study week routine until she replied my message that morning:"what are u talking about? chek is fetching." and thank god that i didn't end up taking a bus to pusanika xp

Saturday church practice is fruitful and it feels so good to play piano again and its the 1st KBM service at our new church site, hopefully everything goes well tomorrow

And again, thank god for the fellowships and encouragement i got when i'm really down, of course not to forget my buddy friend who's always been there for me

Its just like rainbow appears after rain, and i can foresee more beautiful days to come =)

03 September 2010


Sort of get my thesis title settled. Hopefully no more changes for this one. When i was given this thesis title, i remember my supervisor said: you try and read stuff on this topic and if you think you can not pick this up, come see me again and i'll change another title for you." So i start reading up the recommended materials he gave, which is Duffie and Beckman on "Solar Energy Thermal Processes". And to be honest, i hardly understand any.

That's when i start to be worry of myself not graduating and i even told dad about this. Remember he said: "just pray and things will go right." and i just laugh at him being too naive, hope things is as easy as he says. Until something hit on me: "Isn't the loving and mighty God always there to back me up? why even i worry and yet never think of just surrender all to him?"

I put down since then. Sorry God for holding all on my own, thinking that i can do it myself, ended up getting worried and didn't get anything in progress too. God, i surrender all to You from here and that i'll show testimony through my actions even when i'm busy with my thesis and all. In Jesus name i pray, Amen.