29 August 2010


I'm LOST and i DON'T KNOW why?

i had this 16 hours sleep which i struggled to wake up from some scary nightmare but i can't

I dreamed of myself still studying at old age

guess that's a reflection of me, worry that i'll not graduate

thesis is tough and i haven't got my topic fix till now

and i'm undergoing some emotion fluctuations

reason? i wish i know =/

so hence "poof" gone my study mood

i know i can't blame anyone for these

but god, help me through

i need you now =(

in Jesus name i pray


28 August 2010

A wonderful week i would say =)

  • Awesome outing with course-mates to Cheras night market
  • Belove Anthony's birthday celebration at Bangi ice room
  • Crazy trip to Ampang Look Out Point to see 2 moons phenomena which we didn't really see any but it is really a worth hang-out place i would say!
  • Dear Joy ask me to blog about 27th August, 8.38am where she said she's thankful for me in her life and yes, i'm thankful for u in my life too, love u *hugs*
  • Exciting trip to Gabai Waterfall which grant me "souvenirs" on my face, knees and elbows, but its still fun and i'll really love to go again!
  • Favorite buddy friend of mine who bought me a mattress as my advance birthday present, im so gonna blame it on u if i cant wake up for my 8am class and u'll have to morning call me every Monday!! xp but still, thank you so much and this is a much better present than 22 scoops of Baskin Robin ice cream~
  • Grateful of the Aobruzzy Gel from someone exclude the part u were making fun of me and almost made me cry ><"
  • Hilarious fells (4 times in 2 days to be exact) which until now i cant really recall how it happened ><" but the bruises are really painful T.T

Its still a wonderful and blessed week for me exclude the bruises and all. Hope i'll have more exciting weeks await and of course until my bruises fully healed. Till then =D

05 August 2010

To Save A Live

"To save a live" is a Christian movie, a story revolving a teenage guy who lost his childhood friend from a gun suicide and started to realize that he never care for anyone other than himself, so what if he's the most charming guy in school with a famous home-coming queen girlfriend and as his school football team captain with an in hand university scholarship everyone wanted? He started to join a church and on his way of accepting Jesus Christ, he started to care for others and eventually become a person who is respect by all his schoolmates which once condemn him for being a Christian.

Its an inspiring movie and i started to ask myself what have i done with my life? Have i been nice to people that everyone avoids? Have i care for people around me? Have i show respect and gratitude to people who cleans my toilet everyday?

Every time i passed by someone who looks as if they needed someone but i just walked away. I never have the courage to ask whether they need help, for the reason that i scared they'll reject which the actual reason is some fear that i don't even know why?

That day i saw her, Alfera (a girl from my Christian fellowship) greeting to a cleaner with bow of gratitude. I was in a rush then so i didn't stop and say hi but even if i did have the time, i doubt i'll stop. I was embarrass, so much that i start to look back my life and realized i'd never take a step out to be different, even if i have the heart to. The fear that how people will judge me have always hold me back.

Once a conversation, we talked bout Joy (another girl from my Christian fellowship), a joyful girl like her name who always shine out and makes everyone around her felt the same joy like her too. And i was asked if i was given the choice, will i ever be like her? I remembered clearly that i replied i don't have the confident that i'll never be defeated and stay light up all the time. But that is when i thought i'm doing it on my own strength which i should do it for GOD.

so Dear God, please give me the strength to be different among others, to always care about people around me, to always show love and gratitude to people that i never notice but yet always there doing their best in making my life easier, to walk out from my comfort zone and reach out to people and share about you.

In Jesus name i pray, Amen =)