17 May 2011


#1. Air traffic control

#2. Radar

#3. Radar scan map

#4. PSR Transmitter

#5. The view from radar site up on hill

#6. ATT office

#7. The fire fighters--CO2 gas

#8. The radar equipment room

#9. our chief ME from Italy--Marco


  1. hi Ben. May i know who you are? I can't recall i know you from your photo. Or probably I've this selective memory which annoy me at times =)

  2. *gasp* THIS.IS.SO.COOL! Don't you feel oh-so-important working in this kind of place? look at the equipment! fuh.. *I don't know why I feel very excited right now, haha*

  3. erm, u duno me frm swak studyin med now. <:}

  4. cher linn: that's exactly how i felt, cool and important. :) when we're free (all devices are well functioning), we are really free. When we're busy, Its mad. All alarms just keep blinking and ppl calling complain about the faulty system. Lol.

    Ben: hi then. Thanks for the comments on my blog, about my mum, she passed away 2 years ago. Its sad But me and my family are alright now although we still miss her much :)

  5. you're sorry to hear that :(
    i can understand how it feels. I wish u all the best. take care! :)

  6. hey..

    nice view from where u work.. :)

    looks like you are having fun!! :)

  7. hey bel :P long time no see! this really looks so cool hehe. r u back home in sabah nw? coming to kl anytime?